Wedding Anniversary … with a difference…

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Monday Musings

It was my wedding anniversary last Monday. It goes without saying that Alan forgot. He’s a Yorkshire farmer after all.

Admittedly this unromantic side of him always niggles me a bit. I got flowers – off a gorgeous friend. I got a card – off my Mum. I thought about it all day, and then thought I’d buy a nice meal for tea. After all, lead by example etc etc. Well that was the plan.

4pm, Anna got home from school. I ran the idea by her and we both headed off to Tesco’s. We spent ages choosing Alan’s favourite food, pudding and nice things, which naturally led us to the ‘poor person😱’ section in the fridge area. There we both saw the ‘live oysters’ in a polythene bag, just sitting there minding their own business in the cold.

Anna and I exchanged glances and then grabbed them. After a quick discussion we headed for the fish section and asked for all their mussels and any other live food. It was going to be a rare old feast – or so the man thought.

I got home and told Alan about his beautiful dinner, but added on the tiny extra bit about it not actually going according to plan – we had shopping bags full of live shellfish. Live shellfish that were destined to be boiled alive or eaten alive. Not on my watch. Alan stood with open mouth and shook his head in disbelief. His gorgeous dinner would have to wait for another day- we were off to the seaside to ‘Free Willy’ or free three bags full of mussels and oysters.

Alan has banned me from Tesco’s. Again.

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