Life on the Funny Farm

Monday Musings

Life at Morndyke has just got a bit more entertaining . We’ve had an influx – of mice!🐭 Fat ones, thin ones, pale ones, dark ones, shy ones, brazen ones, even slightly disabled looking ones… they’re everywhere! They’ve taken over the huts. 10 little meeces hiding in the huts. Where oh where can they be? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nowhere is sacred. Can you find them all? Strangely enough our last guest found 11- so be warned, they might have bred. 😳 Don’t assume that you just because you found them on your last visit, they will be in exactly the same place again…. 🙄


Mouse chillin’ on the vase

Mouse hiding on the shutter

Mouse reading a book

There’s 11 of them – think they’ve bred!