Kew Gardens at Morndyke

Fun on the Farm

Monday Musings

On Saturday I went somewhere I’d always wanted to go: Kew Gardens in London. This iconic place where every species of plant is either grown or saved, where trees stand tall and plants flourish. It made me think. I compared this 360 acre site stuffed with people and kids and noise to my own 65 acre plot, stuffed with birds, and animals and insects, and thought which I’d prefer. We too have trees that flourish and plants that flower, and air and space, but we also have peace and stillness and calmness and tranquility.  Kew offered very little extra- for all its pomp and ceremony ( well except its fab temperate and palm glass houses- I’ll give it that…). Kew is good, but Morndyke is better😉. Come and give us a go and see what you think… Here are just a few of the plants that we have, not sure if Kew do though… 😉😁
David Austen roseSpot the bee in flightIrises in the lakeHoneysuckle on the patiosFlowers in the sheep feedersBee friendly flowersHawthorn in flowerWildflower garden