Barbels to basking sharks. Fishing at Morndyke

Fun on the Farm

Monday Musings

One of the good things about our shepherds’ huts are that they are right next to our lake – perfect if you like fishing.

We have an eclectic selection of fish, which I’m afraid I know nothing about, as I don’t fish and have no inclination to do so. I don’t know my barbels from my basking sharks – well ok, I might have an idea about that one, and I’m assured that basking sharks don’t like our silted still waters. However, the fish we do have are: Roach; Carp – mirror, common, grass; Tench- golden & green; Barbel; Chub.

Apparently this is a good thing and they attract different types of fishermen, who need different types of kit and rods and thingys. I’m convinced they all catch the same fish, that must be a) very greedy, b) very dim c) very numb. The other 9999 fish must just coerce this fish into catching the bait. I’ve known classes of children just like this….
Here is a fisherman catching the said fish for the umpteenth time that day. Think it must be full to bursting by now.
7A48C865-F059-4CDE-A7CE-0A98FFA3C363Carp caught again